Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advice to Brooklyn College

In this position, I would emphasize the point that 'New Media' is now a true extension of traditional outreach efforts and that it will play a key role in spreading the word about the college to both existing and potential students. The college already features a Facebook page with 6,007 'likes.' There is also a Twitter page with 198 followers. Further the college also has a presence on Myspace (3336 friends), and a dedicated YouTube channel with 79 subscribers and 14,003 views.
I think that cross-selling these 'New Media' forms would be a good way for Brooklyn College to intensify its social networking efforts. For example, the college is very good at providing students with timely updates on college activities. Within these electronic communications, the college has an opportunity to promote at least three of its social networking sites via links as a way of expanding its reach. Perhaps, the college can provide incentives for students to join Facebook for example by offering complimentary tickets to performances at the Whitman Theatre in exchange for 'liking' the college. To keep the audience engaged, I would also send a special e-mail to the students, giving them the option to opt-in for periodic notifications via e-mail, every time there is an update in any social network. Overall, the college has kept pace with 'New Media' and even offers the public an opportunity to listen to access podcasts.

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