Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Next New Thing

A 'New Media' feature that I would like to see created and developed would be one where users can expedite the process of renewing documents such as driver's licenses and passports without hassle. This internet platform will have to be vetted thoroughly for potential security breaches, since any error in judgment could potentially lead to incidences of identity theft. To reduce this possibility, only authorized officials at these agencies will be able to review and approve submissions from the public. The user will enter pertinent information into a virtual database located on the website in encrypted format. This information will then be submitted in real-time to authorized officials, working 24-hours, seven days a week for review and approval. Once there are no questions regarding the information submitted by the user, he/she will receive confirmation from the authorized officials within 24-hours. Thereafter, the user has the option of printing a virtual document that reflects all of the updates that were made, saving it on a secure section of the website and/or uplifting a traditional copy of the document from the issuing institution. Such a 'New Media' will eliminate a lot of the anxiety that comes with losing and/or renewing such documents.

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