Thursday, December 22, 2011

Describe New Media

As mentioned in my earlier blog titled 'What is New Media,' examples of 'New Media forms include text messaging,social networks, podcasts, blogs, wikis and Youtube. There are several ways in which we can distinguish 'New Media' from 'Old Media.' For starters, we can distinguish the two by the different elements that make up the terms. The 'New Media' elements were described earlier, text messages, blogs, podcasts etc. 'Old Media,' typically includes print media such as newspapers and magazines, radio and television (both of which are transmitted using signals in the atmosphere.) Secondly, 'New Media,' tends to be more interactive than 'Old Media,'- it takes literally seconds for direct feed-back from audiences with 'New Media,' whereas 'Old Media,' can garner a more lengthy response time. Third, 'New Media' is typically free to utilize, whereas, 'Old Media' forms can be quite costly in terms of advertising. The current economic downturn, among other factors is responsible for many consumers, especially the younger generation embracing 'New Media', and leaving 'Old Media' in the dust. In the article, 'Old media hits the skids as new models roil market' by Joyce Hanson, the author reported these findings:
"As of December, the networks' prime-time ratings in the key 18- to 49-year-old age category were all down: at NBC by 11%, at CBS by 10% and at ABC by 5%."
Today, more and more consumers are cancelling their cable subscriptions and watching programs on their computers via the internet. This new trend allows users to watch their favorite television shows at their own convenience and costs them nothing to watch the show itself. In addition to advertising during airing of programs on traditional television, business owners can effectively respond to this new trend by also advertising on the websites where these shows are hosted. Doing this would allow the business owner to reach audiences who were once cable users, in their new environment- the internet. There is also an opportunity to reach new customers with this form of advertising as well. Featured image was sourced from:

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